tkdiff for Mercurial

Computing 2011.04.10 22:10

tkdiff is an essential tool for developers who are using Revision Control System.

It is such a shame thing that tkdiff does not support diff for mercurial.

I googled for tkdiff for mercurial and found this url:

But it's been generated with -u option of diff. You need to create directories and blablabla.

Here goes diff file for tkdiff 4.1.4:

You can check the version of tkdiff you're using by viewing its source. No need to be afraid of. tkdiff is just a script. It is all text file.

Just apply the patch by:

$ sudo patch -p0 /usr/bin/tkdiff < tkdiff.patch

Substitute "/usr/bin/tkdiff" with your path to tkdiff.

Enjoy it.

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  1. BlogIcon ACGarland 2011.08.19 03:47 신고 Modify/Delete Reply

    Thanks for this!

    I wonder how involved it would be to have it support 'tkdiff .' or just 'tkdiff' where it would find the parent .hg directory and then run 'hg status' to get the list of modified items to run through them one-by-one. Guess that is probably best left to an external script.

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