Carla Bruni : France's Princess Dianna?

English/NBC Nightly News 2008.03.31 02:04

뉴스를 보다가 재미있어서 봐서 오랜만에 포스트.

2008년 3월 27일자 NBC Nightly News 에서 발췌함

Final in tonight, remember when JFK went to France, he found more people there were interested in his beautiful wife than anything he had to say?
Well it's happening again to the president of France. He married a former model.
They're visiting Great Britain, and she is getting all the attention.

Our report tonight from NBC's Dawna Friesen in London.

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From the moment the new French First Lady arrived, the British, it seems, were enchanted.


A kiss from prince Charles, two from the prime mister.
Former super model Carla Bruni stole the show on this two-day state visit. She alone graced the front pages of nearly every British news paper, some comparing her to Jackie Oh and princess Diana.

"The great thing about this trip, she hasn't put a foot wrong. She has actually done everything as if she was born to royalty."

She practiced the courtesy, charmed with her chat, she even wore lower hills than he did, so as not to tower over him quite so much.
She was quite simply the belle of the ball.
But she showed some substance too in a speech about women's health.

"When women are held in contempt, you're demanding respect."

It obviously made her husband proud.

"The sensitivity, these beliefs, this humanity are what contribute to Carla's elegance."

So much praise, it's easy to forget.
This is a woman with a past, who hasn't always dressed so demurely or dressed at all, and who has described herself as allergic to monogamy.
When they began their world-win romance last year, many in France questioned Sarkozy's judgement, dismissing him as a love-sick playboy and her as a hardly fit material for first lady.
But that was the past.
This visit to Britain appears to have transformed Carla Bruni into her husband's best and most glamourous diplomatic asset.

Dawna Friesen, NBC news, London

어쩌면, "열혈 페미니스트" 이신 분들이 기분 나쁘게 생각할 수도 있는 내용이지만, 그냥 재미있는 가십거리로 받아들이고 읽어 줬으면 한다.

she even wore lower hills than he did --> ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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